Featured Image for This Instagram page is all about the public toilets of Japan

This Instagram page is all about the public toilets of Japan

Not all public toilets are created equal. You have your bottom-of-the-barrel porta potties that barely stand a gust of wind.

And then, if you live in Japan, you are spoiled with some of the zaniest toilet architecture out there that might make you think twice about spending a penny or three.

So quirky and eye-catching are some of the public restrooms in Japan that there’s an Instagram account dedicated to their designs. Toilets A Go Go is an account that shows images of outside toilets, from Tokyo and beyond.

If you think this pastime of snapping toilets is a bit much, you might be surprised to know that there are a few more Instagram accounts dedicated to loos around the world.

Such as Toilography, an account run by ‘restroom appreciator’ Dan who has amassed more than 700 images of toilets from around the world on his account. And then there’s Toilets of Orlando that documents the city’s “beautiful” toilets.

I’m not so sure I’d ever call a toilet beautiful, but I can definitely appreciate the oddball architecture of Toilets A Go Go’s subjects.

校庭 銀杏とせめぎ合い #トイレ #toilet #toilets #toilette #wc #tokyo

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校庭の片隅 #toilet

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. 観光地 tourist spot ・ 超大型 ・ #上高地 #トイレ #toilet #nagano

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