Featured Image for These cardboard boxes for cats can be arranged in numerous ways

These cardboard boxes for cats can be arranged in numerous ways

Taipei-based brand ‘A Cat Thing’ has created a series of modular cardboard boxes that allows owners to build, dismantle, and rebuild their cat’s dream playground.

The Taiwanese couple behind the company came up with the idea for it after Lily, one of their two newly adopted cats, refused to eat and drink for three days. Their solution? A cardboard box. Lily soon started eating again after spending some time inside the container.

Inspired by the incident, the pair got their felines more cardboard boxes. Problem was, these items were hard to stack neatly, not to mention not pleasing to look at. So they came up with an upgrade – a series they call ROOM COLLECTION.

A Cat Thing

The series consists of four stylish cardboard modules – a room, a living room, a balcony, and a ramp – that let cats crawl, jump, hide, and nap in their own tiny home. The pieces can be arranged and re-arranged in numerous ways, bound only by the owner’s imagination and creativity.

To keep the boxes from collapsing, the modules come with patented connections which act like origami sculptures. No need for tools or complex instructions. Simply connect the joints to combine boxes, making the build process fast and stress-free.

As for sustainability, the product is recyclable and is made out of non-toxic materials. So it’s safe for both your cat and the environment.

A Cat Thing

I guess you could say these modules are the… purrfect way to keep your pet entertained for hours on end.

We recently spoke to the founders of A Cat Thing to know more about their work.

Please tell us more about how you started A Cat Thing.

“In the beginning, I used a cardboard box to help my cat Lily to survive. She broke down when she moved from another city to Taipei. A friend suggested to offer her a box, so we gave her one. She felt better in less than an hour and started eating.

“We not only learned how much they need their own small spaces, but we also found out that it’s a lot of fun! So we decided to share our idea with cat lovers.”

A Cat Thing

Can you give us a little insight into the creative process that went into making the modules?

“After Lily’s first box, we kept adding more. But the structure became more and more unstable and really messy, because boxes are different and they are damaged during the shipping.

“So I decided to modulize it and make it flexible. It not only looks neat, but it the space system can be altered anytime!”

A Cat Thing

What type of feedback have you received so far? And how have your own cats responded to the products?

“So far, most cats love it. We are proud about this because they are really hard to please. They love to hide inside and squeeze through boxes. Cats just love small and enclosed spaces.

“As for the cats’ response, Chacha and Lily stay in it whenever we are around, they have their own spots and sometimes fight for one specific room.”

A Cat Thing

How do you hope to redefine the products pet owners use for their fur babies?

“I really hope the products can be more cat-oriented. Some products are made more for the owner and not for cats. Sometimes it even makes them uncomfortable, we hate that!

“The products have to look good too. I’m an architect so it’s my responsibility to make it fit in our interior space. I’m also a big fan of minimalism, hope you can see that from ROOM COLLECTION.

“Also, I want the products to be sustainable and recyclable as it’s always important for me.”

A Cat Thing

What’s your vision for A Cat Thing? And what should we expect from you in the near future?

“I just love to design! So I will keep on working on more products, and hopefully share with more cats. And also keep our products practical, affordable, sustainable, and design-friendly. Soon there will be accessories for ROOM COLLECTION, making the concept more fun!”

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