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We challenge you to try and look away from these hypnotizing cats in space

First there was Space. Then there were cats. And now there are cats in Space. Though not real cats in space, these hypnotic and somewhat frightening felines are just as… entertaining.

If you’re wondering where we found these cats in space, you’ll be thrilled to learn that these lovable astro cats are actually all part of an entire website dedicated to, yup, cats in space.

And if you’re wondering why someone would dedicate their time to such a site, we’re wondering right along with you, friend.

Instead of analysing, simply click, wait and enjoy being stupefied by these colourful creations.

And whilst you’re at it, here’s a tidbit of knowledge:

The first real cat in space was named Félicette, who was sent up into the heavens in 1963 by the French space program. This poor cat had a miserable life, as you can probably imagine (compression chambers, electrodes wired into her brain) and was sent 157 kilometres into space. She returned 13 minutes afterwards and was killed months later so scientists could analyze the electrodes in her brain. Not such a happy ending for our heroine.

Though many have since forgotten Félicette, a recent Kickstarter campaign raised over £43,000 (AUD76,000) to keep her memory alive with a bronze statue. Check it out here …after you’ve stopped staring at these mesmerizing gifs, of course.

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