Marvel left a key character out of the new Avengers promo content, and the internet is fuming over it

Still on the comedown from Black Panther’s unrivalled box office success, and with just over one month until the much-anticipated release of Avengers: Infinity War, most Marvel fans are unbelievably hyped.

Featuring every Marvel hero to date in a single film is an overwhelmingly ambitious task, but with such high expectations, there is sure to be a few things that leave fans feeling disappointed.

Overall, the new content for Avengers: Infinity War looks awesome. Twitter loved the trailer and quickly picked out the best and most “meme-able” moments.

Some people noticed that Thanos, the film’s villain who was introduced in a post-credit-scene back in 2012, looks a lot like Patrick from a particular SpongeBob meme.

So naturally, it didn’t take the internet long to do what it does best.

Whilst the reaction to the trailer was mainly positive, the poster left many feeling disappointed, as it left out one key Marvel character and Avengers staple.

Could you spot him? No, it’s not ant-man, we assume he is there, just in his tiny form. Hawkeye, played by Jeremy Renner, is nowhere to be seen.

Fans of everyone’s favourite archer and family man, have been quick to point out the tragedy of his omission, attempting to fix the glaring mistake in the poster.

Renner even received some support from an archer from another universe. Stephen Amell, who plays DC’s Green Arrow hilariously spoke out against the injustice.

Others, however, don’t seem quite so optimistic.

So will he make the cut? Or is the mortal archer one of the characters rumoured to kick the bucket during this film? All will be revealed when Avengers: Infinity War hits theatres on the 25th of April.