This carry-on suitcase can turn into a high chair in mere seconds

Don’t be fooled. This might look like an ordinary suitcase, but this piece of luggage from design firm KAMO turns into a high chair in seconds. Complete with built-in baby wipes to clean up mealtime messes. Parents, your dreams have come true.

According to KAMO founder Tony Chen, the Valeto suitcase-cum-highchair was designed “to remove as many headaches as possible” while traveling with a baby.

“By creating a high-quality, all-in-one device, we believe we can encourage families to go places and do things they might not have otherwise done!” he continues. “In this way, Valeto truly personifies KAMO’s mission to make the world a better place one family at a time.”

Valeto Baby by KAMO

The 25-litre Valeto suitcase comes with removable organisational pouches on the inside, a magnetic backdoor and 360-degree hubless wheels on the outside, and two wet wipes holders for cleanups on-the-go when you transform it into a high chair.

It also has all the safety, ergonomic features parents are looking for: lock-in safety belts, a baby backrest, and high-chair wheel mode (so your baby doesn’t go rolling away during mealtime).

Valeto Baby by KAMO

Best of all, the Valeto suitcase is carry-on size so you can pretty much take this bag anywhere.

Read more about the design here. Follow KAMO on Facebook for more designs.

Valeto Baby by KAMO

Valeto Baby by KAMO

Valeto Baby by KAMO

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