Featured Image for You can now ride a Lapras like a real Pokemon master

You can now ride a Lapras like a real Pokemon master

It’ll cost you US$750 (AUS$950), but at least you won’t need a Pokeball to catch this rare Pokemon!

Bandai has released a massive Lapras plush that they fondly call ‘Zettai ni Noritai Raparasu’, or ‘A Lapras You’ll Definitely Want to Ride’.

We definitely do.

Although not as big as the real thing (that would be hard to fit in your bedroom), the product is quite huge for a plushie, standing at 4-foot-tall, 6.6-foot-wide, and weighs in at 35.2 lbs. That’s big enough for an adult to sit on.

The best part? You don’t need HM Surf to use it!

If you’re not into water-type Pokemon, there’s also a Snorlax bean bag chair available on Think Geek. It’s much smaller, but it’s equally as comfy. Just don’t leave it blocking roads. It doesn’t ship with a flute.

Via Kotaku

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