WTF! Man builds a tiny kitchen in the back of his car’s trunk

And yes, it has everything including the kitchen sink.

New Zealand-born, Slovakia-based maker Gavin Shoebridge’s latest project proves that the tiny house movement can even be applied to the tiniest of cars.

In the video above, Gavin shows how he was able to build a fully functional kitchen inside the cramped trunk of his 2011 Peugeot iOn. Working all by himself, Gavin was able to make a classy countertop by covering the wooden frame he made with vinyl laminate. He then added other amenities like a butane gas burner, a mini fridge, and a sink fashioned out of a steel bowl.

Gavin Shoebridge

According to Gavin, he loves camping trips but also enjoys the comforts of home. With his mobile kitchen, he can now have both.

Watch his video to see the painstaking process involved in the DIY project.

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