Featured Image for H&M’s racist hoodies were selling for serious cash on Ebay

H&M’s racist hoodies were selling for serious cash on Ebay

We’re still really unsure how that infamous hoodie (that the Weeknd was not a fan of) was ever approved.

If you’ve got no idea what we’re talking about, here’s a quick recap. H&M printed a racial slur on a hoodie and then posted an image of a black child model wearing it on their website.

After fierce backlash, the Swedish fashion giant removed the piece from their stores and issued a formal apology. That’s where the story should have ended, right?

Wrong! People, with questionable fashion taste, who did manage the buy the hoodie before it was pulled from stores are now capitalising on the garments fame.

Reportedly, a user from the UK recently posted the hoodie for a whopping AUD$2,500!

Thankfully, Ebay have since stepped in and removed the item from sale. An eBay spokesperson explained the move to B&T: “We took a decision to ban these items when this story was originally reported and will continue to remove items listed maliciously.”

That’s that. Can we all finally let this terrible hoodie die now?

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