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Your baby deserves this ridiculous $60,000 gold-plated crib

With that price tag, it better be able to change my child’s diapers for me.

For the upcoming INDEX exhibition in Dubai, designers Marta Buzalska and Darius Panczyk have unveiled the ridiculously exorbitant Luulu Bed. Priced at AED222,000 (US$60,000 or AUS$76,000), it’s plated with 24-karat gold, encrusted with Swarovski crystals, and took 200,000 man hours to make.

Apart from looking really nice, the crib supposedly also feels great for the baby. Its cushion is made from the same leather as the seats in a Maserati, ensuring your newborn will have a good night’s sleep.

Luulu Bed

According to Buzalska and Panczyk, they came up with the idea for the crib ahead of the birth of their son.

“When designing the cot we firstly took into account the needs of the infants born prematurely,” said Buzalska. “We created a nacelle where a baby could feel like he or she was still in their mother’s womb.”

Luulu Bed

The Luulu Bed also comes in two other colours: black and white. It will be on display at the Dubai World Trade Centre from March 26 to 29.

Luulu Bed

Luulu Bed

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