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Wow! Two photographers unknowingly captured the same millisecond

When two photographers headed down to Great Island Commons in New Hampshire to capture a winter storm, they defied logic by taking exactly the same photograph. Like, exactly the same.

Ron Risman and Eric Gendron both decided to brave the stormy weather for their art, and later discovered they’d captured a photograph within the same millisecond.

Waves crashing over a lighthouse in a storm

Photograph taken by Eric Gendron

Waves crashing over a lighthouse in a storm

Photograph taken by Ron Risman

The remarkable coincidence was brought to the attention of Risman after he posted his photo on Instagram, where a commenter accused him of stealing the picture and claiming it as his own.

Writing for Peta Pixel, Risman says: “…[I let the] commenter know that it was indeed my image and that I possess the original RAW file…

“…I headed over to the other photographers page and was blown away. We had what looked like the exact same image, taken at the exact millisecond in time, from what looked like the same exact location and perspective.”

Examining the photographs closer, it’s clear that asides from the angles, there are no differences between the timings of the photos. Even down to the rotation of the lighthouse, which shows no change between the images.

Risman used a Canon 5D Mark IV with Sigma 150-600mm to capture his photo, whilst Gendron took his photo on a Canon 60D.

Getting into the technical side of how crazy this coincidence is, Risman says:

“…we both shot with different cameras (60D and 5D Mark IV) with different size sensors; the 60D has a burst mode of 5.3fps, the 5DMKIV is 7fps; we both used a 600mm focal length; our exposures and depth-of-field were almost the same as well (f/8 aperture, ISO 400, 1/1600th shutter vs. f/8, ISO 320, 1/1000th shutter); and ultimately we both selected the same photo from that day to promote.”

Mind officially blown.

Via Peta Pixel

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