Featured Image for Tokyo is building an unbelievable skyscraper… out of wood!

Tokyo is building an unbelievable skyscraper… out of wood!

To mark its 350th anniversary, Japanese company Sumitomo Forestry plans to construct a 350-metre (1,148-feet) high wooden building in the center of Tokyo at a cost of Y6 billion (US$5.5 or AU$7 billion). 

Named only as W350, this timbre tower – to be completed in 2041 – will be the world’s tallest wooden structure and will skyrocket 70 stories above ground. For comparison, the Q1 on the Gold Coast comes in at 322 metres (1,056 feet) tall.

To bring an eco edge to the construction of W350, Sumitomo Forestry is using a ‘hybrid’ wood and steel structure, and doing away with concrete. In fact, 90 percent of the building will be constructed by wood materials.

Plant life featured throughout the building on balconies, near water features and on the garden roof will also give this skyscraper a green thumbs-up to environmentalists.

Sumitomo’s Tsukuba Research Laboratory, in conjunction with architectural firm Nikken Sekkei drew up the plans for the building.

“The aim is to create an environmentally-friendly and timber-utilising cities where they become forests through increased use of wooden architecture for high-rise buildings,” Sumitomo Forestry said in press release.

“The greenery connects from the ground to the top floors through the balcony part, and it offers a view of biodiversity in an urban setting. The interior structure is of a pure wood, producing a calm space that exudes the warmth and gentleness of wood.”

Once completed, the towering building will be home to a hotel, several shops, offices, and apartments.

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