Featured Image for The world is SOOOOO ready for this $23 slip-free soap!

The world is SOOOOO ready for this $23 slip-free soap!

Man has walked on the moon. We’ve invented self-driving cars. And yet soap has stayed the same for almost 5,000 years… until now.

May I introduce to you, Tetra Soap, a revolutionary soap design that makes dropping the soap in the shower a thing of the past.

Wipe away those tears of happiness and read on; this soap is the best thing to come out of Kickstarter in its 8-year history (not including these 3D lamps).

Easy to grip and designed to dry faster than regular soaps, Tetra Soap only uses a handful of ingredients to form moisturizing properties that never strip the skin of your natural oils or its pH balance.

Even its ingredients are easy to pronounce: cold-pressed olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, castor oil, distilled water, organic citrus flavonoids, tea tree and sandalwood oils, and Myrrh essential oil.

The soap mixture is poured into tetrapod-shaped silicone molds and left to cure for 30 days. After that month is up, the production team in Taiwan carefully refine each soap “bar.”

Then it’s packaged in a box alongside a felt coaster. The felt coaster is used to display the tetrapod. It’s also used to make sure this soap never slides down the sink.

One of the greatest parts of the Tetra Soap story is realizing that this cool design started out as a Kickstarter campaign. In fact, the team made 280% of their fundraising goal in just one week last year.

And if you’re wondering just what inspired the Tetra Soap design and colour, read on.

The Tetra Soap team was inspired by actual “tetrapods,” enormous concrete shapes formed to prevent water damage along coastlines.

They were first invented in France in the 1950s; today they’re used throughout Japan — as much as 50% of Japan’s coastline is crowded with tetrapods! — and can weigh as much as 50 tonnes. That’s a lot of tetrapod!

If you want to revolutionise your own bath time, grab your own $23 tetrapod soap here.

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