Featured Image for Welcome to #rateaspecies, the Trip Advisor of the animal kingdom

Welcome to #rateaspecies, the Trip Advisor of the animal kingdom

People are combining cute animals, funny reviews and social media. Three of our favourite things. And like many great things, it all started with a hashtag.

On Friday, Oregon Zoo started the trend #rateaspecies by tweeting about this otter.

The sassiest otter in town.

And, understandably, the internet lost its mind.

Next up was Monterey Bay Aquarium, who understandably saw the tweet and thought: “What’s better than one otter tweet????? Two otter tweets.”

And then friends, well, the internet did what it did best, and spread the hashtag like wildfire.

Even the guys at the California Academy of Sciences got involved:

Not every creature got such high rating though:

And as always, where there’s a hashtag, there’s a Stranger Things fan:

Is #rateaspecies the greatest hashtag of 2018 so far?

Head over to Twitter and cheer up your week. You won’t regret it, we promise.

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