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Visit Paris and Rome in less than 110 minutes on this Japanese VR airline

For those who want to travel but hate leaving the comforts of home, Japan’s First Airlines is right up your street.

Not only do you not leave the country with this airline, but on this “flight” around the world, you don’t even leave the ground.

The company offers a simulated travel experience, complete with its own first-class and business-class cabins with Airbus seats, friendly flight attendants and four-course meals.

But don’t expect questionable meat dishes on this airline; First Airlines offers guests everything from clam chowder to caviar, prepared by their own seasoned chef.

Guests can choose between a variety of destinations, including Paris, Rome, New York, and Hawaii. Upon “arrival,” including a simulated landing, curious travelers enjoy a 360-degree city tour.

From the comfort of their own seat, of course.

“We have lots of elderly customers, who want to go overseas but are not able to easily, given their physical limitations.” Hiroaki Abe, manager of First Airlines, told The Japan Times.

Currently, the Tokyo-based airplane is able to serve 8 first-class guests and 4 business-class guests at a time, and charges are around AUD $72 for a first-class “trip” to New York (minus the jet lag).

If you’d prefer to stay in Japan during your “trip,” First Airlines is adding domestic VR flights very soon.

Grab your boarding passes here.

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