Featured Image for Let it be known: the new Beach House music video is mesmerising!

Let it be known: the new Beach House music video is mesmerising!

American band Beach House has just released a new single from their upcoming album “7”. Another ethereal, iridescent tune that encompasses everything we love about their music.

The famous dream pop act from Baltimore are releasing “7” this year, their first proper studio album since 2015.

“Dive” is their second single, a melancholic tune which grows slowly into a bright, upbeat hit suited for both the dancers and the dreamers.

The song is accompanied by a trippy animated video directed by San Charoenchai, who uses 3D tunnels and geometric volumes textured with a plain, black and white checkered pattern.

This new single follows “Lemon Glow”, the first release of their new work.

Both songs are reflections of the unmistakable sound the band spent six previous albums building. Legrand’s vocals are as hypnotizing as ever, and their compositions denote the same charm and eerie vibe they have showcased before.

Although it’s certainly too early to pass any solid judgment about this new entry, we do notice a bigger emphasis on the rhythmic aspects than before, overshadowing the bright guitar riffs previously at the forefront of their music.

The band, formed by Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, also announced a world tour to promote their new release, which will take them from Mexico City to Dublin.

Although dates and locations are still subject to change, there is still no word if they will play in Australia.

Unlike their previous work, Legrand and Scally did not record the album in one long studio session. Instead, they went into the studio when the mood was right, using five short sessions spread throughout the eleven months of production time.

“Throughout the process of recording 7, our goal was rebirth and rejuvenation” the band said.

The album is scheduled for release on May 11th.

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