French producer Petit Biscuit talks about his latest hit single, Problems

After getting streamed more than 400 million times for his smash hit Sunset Lover, musician Petit Biscuit is back with a highly-anticipated new album and music video. Not bad for an 18-year-old.

The French DJ’s latest release features Norwegian artist Lido in a chill but energetic track called Problems. Directed by Tony Datis (Thom Yorke, Katy Perry, Skrillex), the music video shows two kids on a soulful nighttime stroll through the City of Lights.

The single is part of Petit Biscuit’s debut album, titled Presence, which has gotten significant critical praise and coverage since its release in November – including a nomination for Best New Album at this year’s Victoires de la Musique, the highest musical honour in France.

Although, such an acclaim shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, Petit Biscuit has performed sold out concerts across the US and Europe, and been included in this year’s Coachella lineup. That’s on top of attending his high school classes.

Problems by Petit Biscuit

“A classically trained musician from a young age, Petit Biscuit plays piano, guitar, cello and more, and began experimenting with electronics to form his signature sound at age 11,” a press release reads.

Presence is heavily informed by his schooling, combining acoustic elements with innovative electronic production and his trademark vocal manipulations.”

We recently caught up with Petit Biscuit amidst his hectic schedule to know more about him and his music.
Problems by Petit Biscuit

Tell us about your musical upbringing: how’d you get so involved in learning music and who were your inspirations?

“I was always attracted to music from a young age. I wanted to try and feel every instrument. I wanted to play freely instead of following the score.

“The artists that inspire me the most are the ones who have a whole universe, their own touch. Those whose music is truly genuine. Flume and Bonobo are among them in my opinion.”

Problems by Petit Biscuit

What do you consider the ‘secret’ to writing a good song?

“First, what I like doing is to start from scratch when I produce music. What I love about creation is to manage to be out of any constraints. There are many elements that have to be assembled to make a good track in my opinion, and without being too technical I can say: a great hook, a deep beat, an atmosphere and bassline. Those are the elements I think can make for a good song.”

Problems by Petit Biscuit

Tell us about the experience of filming your new video with Tony.

“Tony directed the music video for Problems. He’s a French guy who made some very cool music video, like Make It Bun Dem by Skrillex.

“Tony has a beautiful sensitivity when it comes to music. He managed to produce a very aesthetic video that perfectly illustrates the track. The night of the shooting was pretty short when you see the number of scenes we needed to get on camera, so it was really intense.

“Besides, it was my first proper music video shoot, so a truly inspiring and delightful moment, especially seeing all these people playing, shooting, and organizing everything to make your music video perfect. Tony, if you read me, great work!”

Problems by Petit Biscuit

What other talented/emerging French acts should we keep an ear out for?

“I have a very good friend who makes music under the moniker Astre. We share this sensitivity and we have the same vision about music. I would love for him to be able to share his universe with many more people! And I would like to shout out to the Slow Hours team: Astre, Kultur, Khamsin, all musicians in the band, all friends. They make an incredible work that I truly love!”

You can find out more about Petit Biscuit and his upcoming tour here.

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