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Woman drying her panties on flight has to be the grossest plane thing yet

Just when you thought the horrors of air travel couldn’t get any worse – what with people getting dragged off flights and engaging in fist fights – it actually does.

Late last month, a woman shocked and grossed out her fellow passengers after she used the plane’s air vents to dry her underwear.

A video of the incident, which took place in a Ural Airlines flight from Antalya, Turkey to Moscow, shows the woman holding and flipping the pair of panties just below the air vents. She did this for 20 minutes.

An anonymous onlooker described the strange event: “Everybody was looking with interest and confusion, but everybody remained silent.”

On social media, others expressed their disgust at the woman’s brazenness, while some speculated the underwear might have belonged to a child (still gross, though).

“Maybe the take-off was sort of extreme, so now she has to dry those,” one commenter said, while another added: “This woman has the intellect of a dog … This is so sad … Half the country are like her.”

That wasn’t the only disgusting thing that made aviation news recently. Earlier last month, four people were escorted off a Transavia flight from Dubai to Amsterdam after a fight broke out. The cause? A passenger who refused to stop farting loudly.

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