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Somebody found a forest of shoes in Canada and we’re all scratching our heads

People have been coming up with their own crazy theories as to how a forest of shoes mysteriously appeared in Ontario, Canada.

Photographer and Ontario local Patty Maher was driving near Orangeville when she spotted a very strange sight by the side of the road.

A group of trees had shoes tied onto their boughs like hanging fruit.

(Insert The Twilight Zone musical intro)

What she discovered was a haunting scene of literally hundreds of shoes nailed to the trunks, tied onto branches or just sitting on the ground beside their roots. Maher said she initially thought the weird sighting was some kind of memorial ground.

“I thought maybe this was a memorial to someone who had died in a car accident – but it turns out that this shoe forest is a complete mystery. No one knows who put these shoes there or why.” she says.

Maher walked around talking photos of the unusual forest, inspired by what she calls “a strange feeling of reverence.” She says she couldn’t help thinking about the stories behind these singular shoes, and the fate of their original owners.

Disturbingly, she says she also found found a few plastic skeletons inserted into the shoes, or hanging alongside them.

Forgive us if we don’t visit Canada any time soon.

She posted her pics on Facebook in the hopes that someone would provide an explanation for the unique monument, and people have gone wild with theories.

“Someone from Facebook told me that there had been a similar tree in another town in Ontario… but apparently so many people put shoes on the tree that the weight of the shoes actually killed the tree.” says Maher.

Apparently, the earliest sightings of similar sites go way back to 1972. Some believe it’s an art installation, and others think it’s just a dark teenage prank.

What do you think? Blair Witch Project stuff or just a sick joke? Do you know know the reason behind this creepy find or has something similar been discovered near you?

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