Featured Image for Remember the academic whose kids crashed his TV interview? He’s back!

Remember the academic whose kids crashed his TV interview? He’s back!

The man, the myth, the legend. Remember when Robert Kelly’s career-changing BBC interview went horribly wrong? Well, he’s returned to share more of his expert opinion.

Despite Kelly’s impressive credits, the academic will likely never live down the moment his children – and wife – crashed into the room he was being interviewed in by the BBC.

Kelly is an expert in political science, so given the serious nature of his job, it just made the incident all the more hilarious.

Add to this, the incident on Kiwi radio station Newstalk ZB where his interview was once again interrupted by a child screaming in the background, and it’s enough to make anyone step out of the spotlight.

But we’re pleased to see it hasn’t hindered him at all in his career, and Kelly returned to our televisions with his take on the country’s decision to denuclearise.

This time, taking all necessary precautions to avoid interruptions.

Unfortunately, Kelly saw the tweet and our dreams of him barricading the doors came crashing down, as he revealed:

We know your job is important, but it’s much more fun when your children make a cameo, Robert.

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