Featured Image for A Kiwi advertising firm is giving workers a huge bonus if they ride their bikes to work

A Kiwi advertising firm is giving workers a huge bonus if they ride their bikes to work

You’ve got to admit that our Kiwi cousins over the Tasman come up with some pretty great ideas.

An advertising firm based in Christchurch is offering its employees up to $10 a day if they ditch the cars, buses and trains in favour of a good old-fashioned bike ride to work.

The incentive was launched by Tim Chesney, the director at Make Collective last month. For the first six months, the cyclists will receive a $5 bonus each day that they commute, but if they keep it up, that will jump up to $10 for each day’s commute, paid out as an annual bonus.

$10 a day sounds pretty nice, but when you look at that annually, things start to get really impressive. Over 48 working weeks, staff could potentially earn up to a $2400 bonus, plus the savings from parking and public transport, and that isn’t even counting the expensive gym memberships they probably won’t be needing anymore!

Chesney is himself a keen cyclist and has commuted by bike for several years.

Whilst there are obvious environmental and financial benefits to commuting via bike, Chesney started the incentive to improve the performance of his staff.

“The benefits of cycling are pretty well [documented] at a personal, workplace, city and global level. My gut instinct is that it could be something really good for the workplace. I know for myself I show up feeling a lot more energised, my blood is already flowing.”

Despite Not surprisingly then, over 80% of the Make Collective staff have signed up and are commuting every day by bike!

Christchurch already has many dedicated cycleways, and the city is working to improve the cycling infrastructure. Nationally, the Zew Zealand government has invested $150 million into their urban cycleways programme.

Through their contact with socially minded clients, Make Collective hopes to inspire other businesses to adopt similar programs.

Staff have said that despite the difficult recovery after arriving at the office, they feel energised by the exercise… and the extra cash doesn’t hurt either.

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