Featured Image for This incredible photographer gave cancer-stricken children superpowers in his latest project

This incredible photographer gave cancer-stricken children superpowers in his latest project

Digital artist and photographer Josh Rossi has a secret identity.

By day, he takes amazing photos as a freelance photographer, but by night, he pursues some of the most heartwarming and uplifting side projects you can imagine.

His most recent project, Justice League Kids, saw six children with major illnesses and disabilities transformed into the powerful Justice League characters from the 2017 DC film.

Rossi said it is important for each of the children to feel strong and confident.

Ok here it is! My super passion project that I've been working on for the past 2 months. I worked with 6 kids with unique disabilities and turned them into The Justice League. Click link in bio for the full article… costumes by Julie whiteley @henrycavill @dccomics @warnerbros @wbpictures @justiceleague #superman

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Meet our next member of #therealjusticeleague, 5 year old Simon. This super hero is fighting Neuroblastoma, a cancer that attacks the nerves. He is #Batman! Simon is a quirky strong kid who "never complains" says his mom. He absolutely loves Batman and also Bruce Wayne "because he is rich". Find out how this his favorite super hero inspires him on the link in my bio. @justiceleague @dccomics @wbpictures @benaffleck #warriorsimon #superhero #dc #benaffleck

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The idea for the project came after Rossi produced a similar series of photos, where his own daughter recreated the stills from 2017’s Wonder Woman.

After the awesome pictures gathered some momentum online Rossi received emails from parents of children with major illnesses and disabilities, who would say that their kids are also heroes.

Today is our 1 year anniversary of when I photographed my daughter as Wonder Woman. Now she passed on the torch to Sofie who is struggling with cancer. It’s your turn to find the Wonder Woman in your community and make them feel special! Thanks to @mcgrewstudios for the costume! #WWchallenge #dc #dccomics #wonderwoman

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Severe ADHD can be hard to deal with that's why I turned Zaiden into The Flash! Now ADHD has a superhero! Costume by @juliewhiteleycostumes #dc #dccomics @grantgust @justiceleague

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Rossi loves incorporating pop culture references into his work, his family have also produced a series of portraits inspired by the stills and posters from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Inspired by the work he has done for the Justice League Kids collection, Rossi plans to produce a similar project focussing on countering bullying in the near future.

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