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Voice activated tech is INSANE! Here are 4 reasons you need it in your life ASAP

We humans have been forced to live like complete suckers for years.

Heaving ourselves off the couch to turn on the stereo, laboriously unlocking our phones to check the weather, dragging our lethargic fingers to the keyboard to Google something.

But fear not! The age of smart home devices, virtual assistants and other voice-activated technology is well and truly upon us – and it’s changing everything for the better.

It can seem a little bit intimidating at first, but it’s insanely easy to get started with it, and once you get the hang of it you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Not only do you feel like you’re living in some futuristic Rick and Morty episode, they actually free you up to focus on the actual important things in life: kicking it with your mates and living your best damn life.

Here are four reasons you need to get some of this tech right up into ya!

Playing music without lifting a finger

Neighbours: “What’s that awful sound?”

The JBL Link Series is the perfect example. With a built-in Google Assistant, all you have to do is tell it to chuck some tunes on.

Without leaving your comfy armchair or fishing your phone out of your tight jeans, you can have ‘Dancing in September’ blasting in an instant.

Because that is everyone’s favourite song and I won’t hear anything to the contrary.

And because technology is getting more intelligent than we could ever hope to be, you can ask the Link to play playlists, genres, podcasts or radio stations.

It’s basically like having your own in-house resident DJ – except much cheaper, and it actually plays requests when you ask for them instead of rolling their eyes at you when you insist that ‘Party In The USA’ NEEDS to be played next.

And, unlike an actual DJ, the JBL Link is light, highly portable and doesn’t mind if you spill water on it. Yep, it’s flipping waterproof.

Just carry it around to your friend’s pool party or leave it on the coffee table at home – whatever you do, you’ll have great tunes with you from start to finish.

PLUS! You can do all the same stuff a Google Assistant can do – so you can ask what the weather’s like or find out what the capital of Morocco is in between listening to your fave bangers.

Get educated! Search Google to your heart’s content

When you’re so smart you have rays of sunshine coming out of your brain.

If you’re anything like me, you use Google roughly 726 times a day. “Define opprobrium”, “are eggs meat?” and “how to poach chicken” are three of many queries I submitted in the past 24 hours (the chicken didn’t turn out too well).

Once you start using virtual assistants to search the web with your voice you’ll never look back.

Seriously. It even means you spend less time staring at your smartphone, which is a plus in my books. Music, news, voicemail, the weather and just about anything else is just a voice command away.

Creating reminders in seconds

Actual photo of you from yesterday.

Forgetting stuff sucks. Phone reminders and alarms are a lifesaver, but it’s made even easier with virtual assistants.

Getting up on time, remembering birthdays and reminding yourself to transfer some dollars to Jenny for festival tickets is as easy as speaking a single sentence.

Coming from someone who forgets to create a reminder in the time it takes to grab their phone and open the calendar, virtual assistants are the bomb.

Texting without touching your phone

Don’t be like this fool.

Texting while driving is bad. Don’t do it, ever. Taking your eyes off the road for a split second is all it takes for an accident to occur.

The beauty of voice-activated tech means you can open an app, type out a message and send it in seconds without ever touching your phone or taking your eyes off the road.

Plus, it works well when you have your hands full and don’t have a spare minute to type something out.

Safer, more convenient and pretty damn slick, if you ask me.

The JBL Link 10 and Link 20 voice-activated speakers will transform the way you listen to your favourite music. With rich stereo sound as well as Google Assistant, it’s always ready to help. Combine that with high portability, waterproof materials, a 10-hour battery life and far-field voice recognition, it’s an absolute must-have! Click here to find out more.

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