Photographer proves everyday objects make brilliant photo series

You don’t have to wander too far to find something that’s worthy of a brilliant photography series. Take photographer Alper Yesiltas for example. This Turkish lawyer-cross-artist photographed the same exact window for 12 years, until its building was demolished.

The beauty of this photo series is that Yesiltas proves even the most ordinary subject makes for a great story. As you can see from each picture, the window changes throughout the seasons — from sunny days to snowy winters — and finally, he captures the window’s demise (which almost feels a little sad as you scroll through the series).

Alper Yesiltas started capturing the window in 2005 after realizing he was the only person who would have that exact angle of it.

“From the idea that I’ll be the only person who will see that window, I decided to take photos of it in different seasons and put them side by side,” he told 121 Clicks.

“It started like this. It was in 2005, I kept shooting it until May 1, 2017, the day I took the last photo.”

Sadly, the window’s building was demolished in May of 2017. But like a true artist, Yesiltas makes sure to indulge us with one last picture. It’s almost poetic, the last, tragic shot of Yesiltas’ 12-year photography subject.

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