Featured Image for SuitSupply has triggered their social media followers yet again with a new controversial ad

SuitSupply has triggered their social media followers yet again with a new controversial ad

Over the years, Dutch men’s fashion brand SuitSupply has made an art out of turning controversy into sales.

They’ve done it again, enraging fans on social media with a new ad that depicts male couples kissing and caressing with a stunning seaside mansion as a backdrop.

Their latest campaign, dubbed with the evocative motto “Don’t just fit in, find your perfect fit”, features male models holding hands as they sport SuitSupply’s Spring/Summer line.

Fans of the fashion label on social media immediately reacted to the ad, firing away at their keyboards either their profound discontent or their praise.

According to the company, some 12,000 Instagram users “unfollowed” the brand following the campaign launch.

“This is disgusting”, “Not everyone needs to be gay”, or the succinct “unfollowing” were just some of the disapproving comments left on SuitSupply’s accounts.

As far as controversy goes, there’s no doubt the campaign has been successful so far. People have engaged on Facebook in torrid discussions with over 600 comments.

“I was buying your suits for a local pastor I know. Not sure that I can continue to do that. Especially if you have this hanging up in your store. Congratulations on your beliefs but are you selling homosexuality or clothing?” said one outraged user.

Another counterattacked with the complete opposite view: “Haha, loving all the people upset at two men kissing. Bet they wouldn’t be upset with two hot women kissing”.

SuitSupply’s CEO Fokke de Jong told Business Insider: “We do not aim to, and cannot control, the reactions. However, the new followers and positive messages that have been prominent in our social media is a good indicator that this campaign has been well received and has impacted many people positively. It’s amazing what one kiss can do.”

Still, the ad will not be released in a handful of countries where they fear the backlash will be a bit more radical, like Russia and the Middle East.

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