If you thought you were ready to be a parent, check out this hilarious Instagram, then think again

Parenting is hard. It’s reeeeeal hard. And after seeing these photos, we will never question this again.

Simon Hooper, a London dad and owner of the @father_of_daughters Instagram account, has jumped onto social media to describe his parenting experiences with a troop of 4 girls ALL UNDER 10! The photos that Hooper have posted are absolutely hilarious (and slightly nightmarish) as he aims to highlight the reality of parenthood.

The photos are each captioned with all too real day-to-day parent struggles, such as the eight steps it takes to get his twin daughters to day-care each morning.

The Instagram account takes on a light-hearted humour to the daunting reality that is parenthood. It’s definitely an account that all parents can jump onto when they’re stressed and realise they’re not alone. Being a mum or dad is hard for EVERYONE.

The photos totally draw on some of the adult fears that are pent up in my subconscious. But there’s also a heart-warming, silver lining.

Huh, maybe having babies isn’t so bad afterall.

Or not.