People are proposing with avocados, and we are all for it

With avocados, she’s guaranteed to say ‘yes’. We all love avocados – particularly when they’re smashed together with some feta, tomatoes, and mint before being served on sourdough toast.

In fact, avocados are so beloved that they’re now being used as Christmas decorations and real-life ‘Head of Avo Control‘ jobs actually exist.

Even Australia’s most reputable Barnaby Joyce reckons millennials prefer a bit of avo over house ownership.

But now the obsession with the delicious fruit (that’s right, it’s a fruit, not a vegetable) has taken a step further with the rise of avocado proposals.

Colette Dike, a food stylist, photographer, author, and avocado-enthusiast, posted a photo two weeks ago of an engagement ring inside an avocado with the caption, “Tag someone who should propose like this.”

Understandably, the internet got excited.

But it turns out avocado proposals aren’t a new concept. Taylor Selby, a self-described “avocado lover and smoothie bowl addict,” shared a photo of her now fiancé proposing with an avo all the way back in October 2016.

And the adorable poster children for the millennial generation below experienced this ripe little moment of joy in September 2016.

Personally, we’re just hoping this doesn’t mean the price of avocados will go up.