Fishtail brows are the latest trend, and they’re splitting opinions big time

We entered the year with the nose hair extension craze, and apparently 2018 has started as it means to go on.

The most recent beauty trend filling up our Insta feeds is none other than the fishtail brow.

You read that right.

The man behind the madness is online photoshop-king, Stefan (@skyzeditz) who demonstrated the look on his instagram, with an edit of beauty guru Huda Kattan. And from there, things just kicked off.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Stefan said he was influenced by an episode of America’s Next Top Model, where he saw Rio Summers had a slit in her eyebrow. “…[I thought] that was interesting, so I then went onto photoshop and played around with Huda’s eyebrows, extending the shape and increasing the gap.”

Apparently, it was a close call between christening the new trend a ‘horn brow’, or a ‘fishtail’, but the fishtail won.

To prevent a beauty crisis where everyone puts a razor to their eyebrows, @skyeditz posted a tutorial to teach the world how to really nail the fishtail trend… if, err, that’s your thing.

We think we’ll leave it to the Photoshop master for now.