YouTube channel goes viral after kid celebrates 70 subscribers by camping in a blizzard

Every now and then, Redditors decide a kid has an adorable YouTube channel and then go about propelling the channel into the spotlight.

The most recent recipient of the Reddit Bump is a young outdoorsman named Nickolas Green.

Until recently, Green’s channel – which mostly consists of him hunting, trapping and then skinning (ew) various animals – had gotten a couple of hundred views.

But that all changed after a Redditor shared one of Green’s outings to the popular r/videos subreddit.

The post went straight to the top of sub, receiving almost 100k upvotes and over 3000 comments.

The video in question is pretty adorable.

Bristling with the excitement of reaching 70 subscribers, Green decides to embark on the ambitious mission of camping through a blizzard.

To be fair, he is in his backyard (at one point he confesses to going inside and taking a shower), but this is all part of the video’s charm.

Redditors seized upon details in the video that gave them a chuckle:

The video has received over one million views and Green now has almost 60,000 subscribers.

To celebrate 20,000 subscribers, Green made a 30-minute video off him letting of fireworks in a broken barrel. It was far less than compelling than his camping video and a sign that he may be yet another YouTube One Hit Wonder.

This isn’t the first time Reddit has played Kingmaker in the YouTube world.

Back in 2014, a YouTuber named Sir Fedora posted a video in which he expressed gratitude for getting one (yes one) like for a video.

After getting shared on Reddit, the video has gotten over 3 million views.

A subreddit was also created for Sir Fedora and he appeared on a comedy show called @Midnight.

But nothing it more fleeing than YouTube fame. As time went on, the views diminished and Sir Fedora’s channel slowly died. His most recent video was uploaded a year ago and is truly bizarre.

It features him and his Psycho-looking dad driving across the country to put up US flags because a College stopped flying the flag. Or something.

Psycho Dad is super focused on his driving but later he shares that his whole family tree (including him) served in the army. Somehow, Sir Fedora, a kid with a once-goofy and adorable channel, got co-opted into a political protest. It wasn’t meant to end like this.

A quick perusal of Psycho Dad’s Twitter confirms he is a gun nut that thinks liberals are fascists.

Let’s hope Green’s channel will remain pure. Now let’s all sit back and enjoy watching him flesh and stretch 11 muskrats.