Two kids tried to buy Black Panther tickets dressed as a really tall man

With record-breaking box office numbers and glowing reviews from critics, Marvel’s Black Panther is a must-see film for everyone – and that includes a cartoonishly tall man who’s definitely not two kids under a trench coat.

On the film’s opening weekend, Twitter user ‘@steveslikecups’ spotted two youngsters doing the ‘ol two-people-posing-as-one-person-by-hiding-inside-a-trench-coat bit as they tried to sneak in to a screening of Black Panther.

They almost got away with it too, just like in the movies, if not for one keen-eyed cinema employee.

“You’re going to have to get down man,” said the cashier, who found the stunt hilarious. “We can’t let you in unless you get down.”

Drats. Maybe they can dress up as a morbidly obese man next time? I mean, it worked the last time.