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Man addicted to sushi finds five-foot tapeworm where you really don’t want to find one

Bad news, sushi lovers. You might want to go easy on your favourite dish after reading about this cautionary tale.

Back in August, a California man came to Dr Kenny Banh at UCSF’s Fresno Medical Education Program, and showed him something shocking. A five-foot tape worm, which the man claimed, he pulled out of his butt.

According to the unnamed patient, he loved eating salmon sushi every day. I repeat, EVERY DAY. However, he started experiencing bloody diarrhea, and that’s when he stumbled upon his unwanted visitor. He rushed himself to the ER soon after.

the five-foot tapeworm

On the podcast ‘This Won’t Hurt A Bit’, Bahn recalled the man explaining his predicament. “I take out a toilet paper roll and wrapped around it, of course, is what looks like this giant, long tapeworm.”

Bahn added that the man also told him how he felt the worm “wiggling out” and felt like “his guts were coming out” during the entire ordeal. The patient was eventually given medication to flush out the rest of the parasite from his body.

He swears never to eat raw sushi ever again.

Salmon sushi

According to a study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last year, the Japanese broad tapeworm – which was previously thought to only have infected fish in Asia – can now also be found in salmon caught in Alaska.

The same study said that, because salmon is often exported unfrozen, the tapeworm can easily infect chum salmon, masu salmon, pink salmon, and sockeye salmon.

“Infections caused by the Japanese tapeworm may occur anywhere, from China to Europe, from New Zealand to Ohio,” the report said.

So… sushi, anyone?

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