These illustrations were made to prove that greatness takes time

These days, we can get nearly anything instantly. For instance, we buy fast food if we want a quick snack, or go on Tinder if we want a date ASAP. However, for artist ‘Floortjes’, making great art takes time.

Her series of digital illustrations proves this. The Netherlands-based creative often does speed challenges where you can see the quality of her art improving over time. The longer she works on a subject, the more detailed it gets.

“I love practicing by doing speed challenges. It forces you to really look at the basics of a subject and not go into detail too much,” she said, adding: “Don’t give up! Keep practicing everyone.”

Aside from speed challenges, ‘Floortjes’ also posts step-by-step tutorials on how to improve at drawing. She hopes that by teaching her followers the importance of patience, they too will become great artists.

“The way to improve your art is to practice, work hard and be determined,” she said.

You can see more of ‘Floortjes’ and her art over on Instagram.