Featured Image for These rocks are painted to look like animals able fit in the palm of your hand

These rocks are painted to look like animals able fit in the palm of your hand

Ever considered having a pet rock? If not, take a look at Japanese artist Akie Nakata’s works, and you might just change your mind.

Inspired by the beauty of found stones and rocks, the self-taught artist breathes life into each item by painting it into lifelike animals such as cats, dogs, and woodland creatures.

Using acrylic paint, she painstakingly adds many tiny details – like fur or feathers – until the rock’s rigid surface appears to breath and move.

“What I paint on stone is inspired by the stone itself,” she said about her process. “In order to bring out the living being that I feel in the stone to its surface, I proceed very carefully. I consider step by step, for example, whether I am positioning the backbone in the right place. Does it feel right? Am I forcing something that disagrees with the natural shape of the stone?”

In an interview with My Modern Met, Nakata revealed that her interest in the craft began in 2011 when she was walking along a river bank and noticed a pebble that resembled a bunny. Since then, she’s created many others.

Nakata hopes that those who’ll get to hold her stone animals will treasure them like they treasure their own lives, “because we all stand on the same earth, and we come from the same earth.”

To see more of Akie Nakata’s work, you can head on over here.

Via My Modern Met

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