This activist’s incredible Twitter rant is raising awareness for people with dwarfism

Activist and writer Eugene Grant used his Twitter profile to create a thread on why it’s never okay to use the word “m*dget”.

Grant used the thread to discuss how you should be addressing those with dwarfism, and raised some pretty major points about how we should all be treating each other.

Talking to Mashable, Grant said, “Often, the question ‘what do we call you’ is used as a retort to someone speaking out against a slur, such as the word ‘M*dget’. It’s almost a challenge: ‘Well, if I can’t call you THAT then what CAN I call you???'”

Almost as if to prove the point (and because this is Twitter), some people felt very strongly on a matter they knew almost nothing about, which prompted Grant to keep the education going.

Initially deciding to challenge the abuse, Grant said as his followers increased by over 2000, so did the amount of hate.

“My tweet has gone viral overnight and I’ve over 2,500 followers and the trolls/bots/abusive people are out in full force.”

As we’ve already seen in 2018, using social media is a great way to get a conversation going, and the mass response from Eugene Grant’s tweets prove it’s never too late to speak up.