Featured Image for This Disney-inspired fad diet may be the stupidest yet

This Disney-inspired fad diet may be the stupidest yet

Another month, another ridiculous dangerous body image scam doing the rounds.

The latest?

The ‘Cinderella Diet’.

So what does it entail?

The idea is to find your perfect weight with a simple math equation.

Your height (in metres) squared, multiplied by 18 – essentially giving you a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 18.

The issue being a BMI of 18 is technically in the underweight category and is not a recommended, healthy weight.

While most were quick to shut down the unhealthy diet suggestion, others are saying it is ‘skinny shaming’ to speak badly about the new fad.

Considering the petite actress Lily James who played Cinderella in the live-action remake in 2015 didn’t even make the cut, it might be best to just aim for a healthy weight and size.

James is 1.7m tall and 55kg, giving her a BMI of just over 19. In the movie, she was even wearing an incredibly restrictive corset around her middle.

Personally, we’ll stick with Emma Watson and her corset-free Belle from Beauty and the Beast!