This YouTuber plays Deadmau5’s “technically impossible” bassline and we are shook

An Italian YouTuber and musician has accepted the epic challenge of playing a virtually impossible bass sequence from a DeadMau5 mix and the result has broken the internet.

Strobe is probably one of Deadmau5’s most lauded songs. The 10-minute instrumental track was released as the sixth and final single from his 4th studio album For Lack of a Better Name back in 2010.

It managed to rank at 13th place on the UK Dance Chart that year, and was listed by Billboard Dance in 2017 as Deadmau5’s best song of all time on their ranking of the Canadian artist’s 20 best tracks.

In November, fellow Canadian producer Sparklee posted a “funked up” remix of the popular track that included a groovy and unusual bass line.

The sequenced bass is so insanely complicated, when Deadmau5 himself listened to it he said he’d love to see it played live.

“Some of the ways you programmed that bass is like technically impossible” said the famed producer, utterly amazed at the track.

An Italian bass player identified on social media as Davie504 has made a name for himself on YouTube by posting mind-blowing demonstrations of his dextrous playing. He’s done it all. Renditions of Metallica’s Master of Puppets, with puppets, or insane solos on a custom one fret guitar.

He’s also played Eminem, with M&M’s, and Red Hot Chili Peppers with… you guessed it, chili peppers. Bet you won’t go that far, Flea!

This time, Davie took the challenge of playing the programmed bass from Sparklee and the whole internet is in shock. In just 3 days, his rendition of Strobe has earned more than 2 million views.

The guy just about uses every technique under the sun, in a spellbinding performance that we just can’t stop watching.

Primus who?