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This Uber driver is killing it with on-point playlists for every possible customer

We have just found the King of Uber. This genius is making rides way more entertaining as he perfectly tailors your music.

Some people are keen to jump in an Uber and listen to whatever trash is on the radio.

If there are leather seats and mints in the door, you’re totally set. But some of us prefer a little more freedom, like… your very own playlist, perhaps?

U.S Uber/Lyft driver T.J Jones has taken his driving to a whole new 5-star level with some pretty generalised playlists to suit certain demographics.

But, tbh, they’re pretty spot on.

The driver has created a number of playlists including: Basic 20-30s, Fucking Hipsters, Heady Bros… We think you get the idea. Basically if you’re a skinny, blonde, white girl, you’re going to get Taylor Swift and you’re going to LOVE IT!

Sure, we’re all a little basic, but definitely try a sneak peek into the 30s+ to jam out to a little Lou Reed, Radiohead, and hey, even a little Cake.

I feel it’s a throwback to the hey-day of the baby-boomer parents. What better way to honour the music of your ‘rents, than to sit in an Uber, absolutely trashed, while listening to some of their favourite classics… Right?

If this music is in your own playlist, you belong with the ‘Fucking Hipsters’.

There’s a whole heap of gems, although the best-named playlist in the whole collection 100% goes to: White Guys Who Look Like They Like Rap.

There we have it, folks. It’s the Millennials in a nutshell.

Check out the legend, TJ Jones here.


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