Featured Image for The guy running Trump’s 2020 campaign just liked a tweet calling the President an “idiot”

The guy running Trump’s 2020 campaign just liked a tweet calling the President an “idiot”

Are you sitting down? I have some bad news for you.

You probably sensed this was coming, but US President Donald Trump will most likely seek re-election in 2020.

Although there has been speculation that Trump didn’t truly want the job or think he would actually win, he’ll probably have another crack at it in 2020.

He’s already 71 years old, so if he does win, he’ll be 73 when he takes office and 78 when he’s done.

He was already the oldest president to take office (Ronald Reagan was 69), but finishing up his second term close to 80 seems a little too close to senile.

On top of that, he is already a few sandwiches short of a picnic, says crazy and offensive stuff, and does a generally questionable job of running the country (and planet?). There is nothing to indicate an older Trump will be any wiser or better.

The good news is that Trump’s new campaign manager Brad Parscale has already called him an idiot.

OK, so he didn’t exactly call him an idiot, but he did like a tweet which called Trump an idiot and that’s insult by proxy.

The original tweet is no gone, but since nothing ever really dies on the internet, here is a screenshot.

According to The Daily Dot, Parscale, who was Trump 2016’s digital advisor, also has ties to (drum roll) The Russians through his involvement with data firm Cambridge Analytica. Oh boy, here we go again.

Parscale did not respond to The Daily Dot‘s request for clarification on whether he thinks Trump is an idiot. But Parscale has shown he still knows how to MAGA.

Back to Trump 2020. Who will Trump be running against? Do the Dems have someone good lined up? Don’t say The Rock.

In times like these, we can always turn to the Ancient Wisdom of the Bookies.

Over on Sportsbet, Trump is currently the clear favourite to win and is paying just 2.75:1.

He is followed by four candidates who would run as Democrats: Kamala Harris (13:1), Elizabeth Warren (15:1), Bernie Sanders (15:1), and Michelle Obama (17:1).

Harris is the former California attorney general who is entering her second year in the US Senate. She is a progressive and recently spoken out strongly against the NRA.

“She’s not only positioning herself to run for president but she is positioning herself to the progressive left, and one of the ways she’s been most effective at doing that is to pick a fight with the demons on the right,” Thad Kousser, a political science professor and department chair at the University of California told The Hill.

The long shot everyone is talking about is Oprah Winfrey. She herself has said on multiple occasions she is not running, and Sportsbet has her at 26:1, the same odds as The Rock. Mark Zuckerberg has not mentioned running and he is at 21:1.

The smart money is on Kanye West. He’s paying a whopping 151 to 1 right now so might be worth chucking a fiver on. Beyonce is also tempting at 201:1. Neither will run, but that’s a helluva cool looking betting slip.

The scary thing is a Trump win isn’t just possible, it’s likely. Let’s hope his campaign manager is an idiot too.

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