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This company has created a tattoo ink made from your loved ones

A Swiss company has taken the phrase “under the skin” very literally, by developing a method to produce tattoo ink made out of human or animal biological material.

So how on Earth does it work?

Well, you send Switzerland based startup SKIN46 at least 5 gr / 0.17 oz of hair from the human or animal you want to put into your skin.

It can be from mom, your beloved terrier or that college crush you still stalk on Facebook… Just make sure you obtain it legally!

SKIN46 breaks down the hair sample into clean carbon and uses it to manufacture the ultimate personalized tattoo ink. The process allegedly entails 65 steps, 22 control points and 2 professional supervisors to produce this medically safe ink which meets regulations of all major markets.

The novel product has received some buzz on the internet after The Sun Online covered the story of German based model Makani Terror, who decided to get a tattoo with ink made from Gizmo, her 10 year old Maine Coon.

“I love my own pets like they were my own children. They are the most important family members in my life and I will miss them more than anything else when they would pass away.” said the model to the British news outlet.

The tattoo takes “inception” to a whole new level, as Makani not only tattooed herself with ink developed from her cat’s hair, but actually painted her leg with Gizmo’s face.

“Gizmo is a very clumsy and sweet cat. He loves to play with little balls and is always stealing my hair bands.” she says.

Each vial of ink is enough for 30 small tats or 10 bigger designs, and the whole process costs around $600 US.

The company will soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign where they will offer their ink at 50% off.

So if this sounds like your thing, grab it whilst it’s on offer.

And also let us know, because we’re not too tempted to try it ourselves.

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