Featured Image for Well now, it looks like Bon Iver’s manager is running for a seat in the US congress

Well now, it looks like Bon Iver’s manager is running for a seat in the US congress

Kyle Frenette, the longtime manager of the popular indie-folk act Bon Iver, is launching his candidacy for Congress. He’ll be running for his hometown district against the incumbent, Republican representative, Sean Duffy.

As an entry on the US Federal Election Commision website shows, the rock n roll manager will run as a Democrat for Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District.

Although Frenette has not formally announced his candidacy, the Federal statement of Candidacy form is quite clear.

Want more proof? According to the Wausau Daily Herald his out-of-office Email reads, “I’m running for Congress in WI-07, because this state and this country are in desperate need of better leadership. I haven’t officially announced yet but will be in the next two weeks.”

Kyle Frenette is the founder of artist management firm Middle West Management, which also manages other successful indie acts like Aero Flynn and The Shouting Machines.

The newbie politician won’t have it easy, though.

Senator Duffy, who’s held the seat since 2011, is no stranger to media attention. He appears frequently on Fox News talk shows, along with his wife, Rachel Campos-Duffy, guest co-host of the network’s infamous “Fox & Friends” morning program.

Frenette joins military veteran Margaret Engebretson, who announced her campaign earlier this week. The Federal Election Commision website also lists Sheldon local Allen Campos as a candidate for the Democratic nomination.

If you’re interested, you can contribute to Frenette’s campaign here.

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