A vocal coach explains why Fergie’s US national anthem was horrible

Over the weekend, Fergie sang the Star Spangled Banner at the NBA All-Star Game. Her rendition most definitely made the news – albeit, it was the bad kind.

Her head-scratching version of the US national anthem drew jeers and criticism shortly after her performance. Footage of people’s funny reactions – including players like LeBron James and Stephen Curry – even went viral.

Though it doesn’t take a musical genius to know that Fergie’s rendition was odd, vocal coach O’Neil Gerald has put out a video breaking down why exactly it’s bad.

According to Gerald, he thinks that former Black Eyed Peas member can sing, but she just had “a really, really, really bad day with a bad arrangement.” He cited errors like missing notes, plenty of “nasality” and “tongue tension,” and strange rhythmic choices as reasons for her bad performance,

Watch the video above to see Gerald’s play-by-play breakdown. Enjoy! Or maybe not!

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