Featured Image for Gucci’s bonkers Fashion Week show had severed heads, operating tables and a dragon

Gucci’s bonkers Fashion Week show had severed heads, operating tables and a dragon

Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2018-2019 collection is turning heads (and severing them), after pics of the frankly bonkers show have appeared online.

Gucci unveiled the collection, which was produced by creative director Alessandro Michele, in Milan on Wednesday. Let’s take a look at some of the key trends the Italian fashionistas have lined up for us.

This Fall/Winter 2018/2019, you can not look past a severed head as a key accessory. Do not make the fashion faux pax of carrying someone else’s head around though, the head must be a replica of your own. Here is the look properly executed:

As you no doubt know, hospitals are all the rage right now. Gucci stayed on trend by setting the whole show amid operating tables. Sexy!

If a severed head isn’t for you, there are other accessories Gucci wants you to consider. A dragon, snake or chameleon will do โ€“ the recurring theme here seems to be cold-blooded. Warm-blooded animals are so 2017.

Gucci also had some opinions when it comes to makeup. Take your blush, mascara, and lipstick. Got them? Good. OK, now throw them out the window because the hot new style is prosthetic third eyes. See?

Naturally, the whole thing has Meaning and the concept behind the show is about cyborgs and our transition to a “post-human” world.

โ€œIt [the show] talks about the relationship between being and becoming; about what we are and what we want to become,โ€ Michele said in the post-show press conference. โ€œWe are the Doctor Frankenstein of our lives.โ€

The head replicas were created in partnership with Makinarium, a Rome-based visual and special effects company that has done some spooky stuff.

You can contact them about getting your head made. If they get started now, you might even get it in time for Halloween.

Lead image: Vannessa Friedman, Twitter @VVFriedman

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