Modern Family editor live-tweets drama caused by drunken plane passenger

We’ve all been there. Your plane is finally in the air, the two people seated directly next to you don’t obviously suck and you’re ready to attempt to sleep through the ordeal that is air travel – and then it happens: the obnoxious passenger appears.

At least that was what happened to Modern Family editor Ryan Case when she was on board a flight to – going by the tweets below – Las Vegas.

Case found herself seated behind an increasingly drunk passenger named Nadia, a.k.a ‘the worst person in the world’, as she slowly but surely managed to annoy and offend everyone around her.

Not one to let the humour of the situation go unappreciated, Case began live-tweeting the woman’s exploits to the world.

Highlights include Nadia’s assertion that it was her ‘first time NOT in first class’, her obsession with Las Vegas and her claiming David Guetta is a close friend.

Things got dark pretty quickly as Nadia got drunker. Racist ramblings, a possibly unwanted assault on her seat-mate and verbal abuse to several other passengers resulted in the police meeting the plane on the tarmac.

Scroll down to read the whole ordeal as it unfolded.