This man built a singing Furby organ, and it’s the stuff of nightmares

We all know that Furby, the Gremlin-like doll made popular in the ‘90s, are cute AF. But who knew they’re musically-inclined too?

YouTuber Sam Battle of ‘Look Mum No Computer’ has created a musical instrument, called the ‘Furby Organ’, made out of the adorable robotic companions. Sam came up with the concept for it seven years ago, and he had to scour antique shops, as well as eBay, to find all 44 of its Furbys.

He then had to rewire all of the toys to get a consistent sound, so he gave each on a synth voice – which he calls Furby Formant Fusion Synthesis. After connecting the dolls to their own Arduino microcontrollers and control boards, Sam flicks a ‘Collective Awakening Switch’ that brings the Furby Organ to life.

The resulting music – if you can call it ‘music’ – is a symphony of cackles and screeches that will haunt you forever.

Check out the video above to see the Furby Organ at work. You’ve been warned!

Via Mashable

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