Jay-Z just spent an ungodly amount on a night out and has the receipt to prove it

We’ve all woken up after a bender and made the shocking realisation that we may have spent a bit too much on a night out.

For most of us, that would be a few hundred bucks. But Jay-Z is a certified Baller, so when he spends, he spends B I G.

Page Six reports that the rapper-turned-mogul dropped a total of A$139,000 on Sunday night in New York. Jay-Z and his entourage went out to celebrate the birthday of his buddy and president of Roc Nation Sports Juan “OG” Perez.

In what has certainly raised the bar of what to expect from birthday drinks with your boss (Roc Nation is owned by Jay-Z), the revelers started the night off at Zuma in Midtown, before heading to Made in Mexico in Inwood and ending the night at nearby a club called Playroom.

According to Page Six, Jay-Z spent A$16,450 on dinner at Zuma, and then another A$11,390 on drinks at Made in Mexico.

Down about A$27k, Jay-Z was just warming up.

The big blowout took place at Playroom, where he splurged about A$115,334 on champagne.

The table’s server, known only as Dayhana, took home a tidy tip of A$13,920, but Jay-Z has been called out for not ponying up a full 15%.

To be fair, he was buying Ace of Spaces, his own brand of champers, so it probably didn’t hurt the old wallet too much. One Twitter user, Did the Math and suggested that the whole thing was probably just a nice viral promo for the champagne.

Meanwhile, others were a little staggered by the fact that 6 guests required 40 bottles of booze.

This mystery is easily solved: a video on Playroom’s Instagram shows Jay-Z’s table casually passing out bottles to other tables.

That rose-colored bottle you see drift by costs about A$3k. It’s followed by an equally decadent and ridiculous birthday cake. Only in America, folks.

There has been no word on what Jay-Z spent on his hungover brunch the next da but diamond-encrusted Maccas would make sense.