Featured Image for This restored 1972 Airstream is sheer vintage beauty

This restored 1972 Airstream is sheer vintage beauty

Los Angeles-based studio Silver Buddha Design’s renovated vintage Airstream looks great on Instagram as it does in the great outdoors.

Last year, designer Zoe and Aras Kazar bought a 1972 Airstream Land Yacht – which they named Druki – with the intention of restoring the trailer. After months of hard work, they came up with something that merges the trailer’s past, its iconic aluminum exterior, with its present, a stunning airy interior.

Adorned with light colours and natural materials, Druki’s interiors easily give travelers the feeling of home – while actually being on the road.

A restored 1972 Aistream

The 25-foot Airstream features sleeping space for four (using a dinette and a twin bed that can both turn into a queen bed), a modern kitchen, and a spacious bathroom complete with a cute piece of wall art.

The trailer also comes with solar panels, plumbing, battery, entertainment, air conditioning, and heating systems.

And the best part? It’s for sale!

A restored 1972 Aistream

We talked to Zoe and Aras Kazar to learn more about Druki. Check it out:

What made you decide to restore and renovate a 1972 Airstream Land Yacht?

“We had taken a trip to the Goodland Hotels in California and had seen the one outside the hotel and fallen in love.

“Months passed by and Aras was doing a model ‘Westfalia’ and he mentioned to me about restoring one and taking it on the road. I said why not an Airstream and then we were researching buying a vintage Airstream.

“After long research, we decided that the best size would be the 25ft – not big, not small – and especially we loved the shape of the 70’s Airstreams. Finally, we found our beautiful Airstream, we named her Druki and journey began.”

A restored 1972 Aistream

Take us through your creative process. What was going on through your mind during the initial stages of the restoration project?

“Both Aras and I do and love design. Aras has designed power boats and I do residential design in Los Angeles. We both knew we wanted it bright and light but with little fun touches added – more whimsical.

“Thus, we ended up with a raccoon in the bath, inspiring words on our dining table, and a play on the artwork similar to ‘The Great Wave of Kanagawa’ a Japanese mural for the wall with our barn door.

“Bleached Oak counter-top, glossy white cabinets, gold details, and black touch. We call it as a European-Scandinavian style.

A restored 1972 Aistream

How long did the restoration process take? And if you don’t mind us asking, how much does a project like this cost?

“The process if you put the days we worked in a consecutive row then about four to five months. Many many hours day and night.

“Our budget was blown early on and we just kept going with it spending more because we wanted to provide a space we were proud, loved and was happy with.”

A restored 1972 Aistream

For you, what’s the key to redesigning trailers/campers/mobile houses?

“Make a friend(s) who have done this before and ask lots and lots of questions. Airstream forums are excellent for this. Be patient, don’t rush, you may struggle with tiny details but believe me you will be able to solve!”

What would be your dream project? And what are you currently working on?

“We are back at our day jobs. We are looking to return to Europe for our parents and continue the journey over there, may be get a Land Rover and travel the Europe! We miss them a lot.”

Druki is currently on sale for US$72,000 (AUS$99,000). To find out more, head on over to the Silver Buddha Design website.

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