Featured Image for The ‘penis-head’ statues at the Winter Olympics are now a meme, as they should be

The ‘penis-head’ statues at the Winter Olympics are now a meme, as they should be

The overload of phallic iconography outside the Olympic Ski Jump Center has unexpectedly added excitement to the events in South Korea.

A group of statues referred to as ‘Bullet Men’ installed outside the Alpensia Ski Jump Center in Pyeongchang have proven to be a bit too artsy for the Winter Games audience.

The statues depict three naked men with cylindrical-shaped masks covering their heads, which makes them look like a giant penis, with a penis.

Steve Russell/Getty Images

The work has gone viral on Twitter, with people going wild at creating the most absurd memes. The madness has spread especially in Japan – well of course! – where the strange works are being shared under the hashtag #モルゲッソヨ, which is based on the Korean phrase for “I don’t know.”

The statues were installed back in 2009, but it’s just now with the Winter Olympics going on that they’re receiving all this attention. According to local media, the giant phallic structures are meant to symbolise “the human desire for a cool body, wealth, honor with a concrete image.”

“Oh, it does look like a… there’s a weird object that’s placed in front of the media press center,” Japan’s NHK said. “It’s already become a hot topic in Japan, but we went to see it anyways. It doesn’t make any sense, and it’s weird. And it’s got nothing to do with the Olympics, probably.”

People are creating all kinds of crazy things based on the statues, from latte art to crochet to LEGO constructs. Oh, there’s also some contemporary dance thrown in there for good measure.

Hard to say what the artist’s intention was here, but at least everyone got a rise out of his or her creation.

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