That AI-generated Harry Potter fan fic is now an animated short film

Last year, a Harry Potter story written by a bot went viral. Now, Botnik Studios, the startup behind the bot has produced a short animated film based on the story. It’s absolutely magical, we promise.

Jamie Brew is a former Onion writer and developer who has made a name for himself using predictive text to create hysterical comedy. He recently developed a predictive text app that learns from what it reads and comes back with suggestions, similarly to how your smartphone suggests the next word in a string of text.

Using these suggestions, Brew takes the best sentences and rearranges them to make his incredibly funny jokes – or incredibly funny fantasy novels.

The Harry Potter fan fiction, titled The Handsome One, blew everyone’s mind for its off-kilter yet familiar feel. The writing eerily resembles J. K. Rowling’s tone and prose, but the plot and cause/effect string is absolutely insane.

Jamie Loftus, writer and cartoonist for BDCwire, decided to use the alternate Harry Potter story as the script for an animation called Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash.

With narration by photographer Rachael Wright, the cartoon short successfully depicts the absurd imagery of the software-created tale. You can watch the hilarious short film above.

So, when’s the sequel coming out?

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