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WTF: This piece of sushi is still moving after it is served

At least whoever ordered the sushi knows it’s fresh?

Twitter user ‘@shoumizo3446’ recently went to popular restaurant chain Sushiro in the city of Kishiwada, Japan, and ordered some ‘iki hokkigai’ (surf clam sushi). However, when the dish arrived, he found that it was still partly alive.

The video he took shows the clam wriggling on top of the bed of rice, even able to raise its edge as if waving. The customer still ate it, though, and said that it was “extremely delicious.”

The disturbing clip has since gone viral, having received thousands of retweets and millions of views. The comments section, meanwhile, has been divided. Some slammed Sushiro for their sloppy food prep. Others joked that the chefs should be praised for using only the freshest ingredients.

What would you do if you were in that customer’s situation?


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