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This guy rented a helicopter and pretended to be a 3-Star general to impress a lady

I know we’ve all done crazy and stupid things to impress that special girl we like. But this guy took it all a bit too far.

Christian Desgroux is a 57 year old auto mechanic in North Carolina. Just last week he was indicted for pretending to be a United States Army Lieutenant General “engaged in transporting a person for a classified briefing”.

On November 6th of 2017, he rented a cherry red helicopter and hired a pilot to pick up the lucky girl at her workplace, the headquarters of software company Statistical Analysis Systems.

He wore a full military battle dress uniform with three black stars, the rank of lieutenant general.

This smooth operator landed around sunset on the company football field with the premise of being on a top-secret mission approved by President Trump himself.

Desgroux certainly made an impressive entrance, since the woman was just expecting him to arrive in a vehicle. You know, like normal people.

“He saluted the security officers, and they actually saluted him back,” said Department of Homeland Security special agent Tony Bell who testified in the case.

The co-decorated general was there to escort the woman to a classified briefing at a nearby military base. When they got in the air, they actually flew in circles around Raleigh North Carolina, according to pilot Dan Miller.

Miller described the woman as “extremely nervous,” claiming she couldn’t hear Desgroux because her headset wasn’t working properly, although he has his doubts.

“I’m not convinced [the headset] had problems,” said the pilot.

They brought the woman back safely to her workplace after flying aimlessly for half an hour, but she immediately alerted company officials to call the police.

Renting the chopper and hiring the pilot for three hours cost Desgroux more than $1,500.

And now he could be facing up to three years in jail and a $250,000 fine.

Yep, isn’t romance a beautiful thing?

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