This music video is the Renaissance painting version of A-Ha’s Take On Me

Inspired by the aesthetic of A-Ha’s Take On Me music video, Danish musician Line Bøgh has given her own music vid the same animated treatment – and more.

For her single I Know A Place, which comes out February 9th, Bøgh collaborated with filmmaker Christian Gundtoft on a music video that’s half music video, half work of art. It features a visual style reminiscent of the ‘80s and ‘90s, specifically the animation done in A-Ha’s iconic Take On Me video.

As you can watch above, the footage shows Bøgh chilling at home when her TV comes on and an animated version of her appears. Much like in A-Ha’s video, the two characters in this story interact with one another. But unlike A-Ha’s video, the animation style doesn’t resemble a comic book, but rather, a Renaissance painting.

Bøgh’s music video gives a nod to A-Ha’s work by doing the same, but also differentiating herself by adding a touch of her own. Well done!

I Know A Place by Line Bøgh

We recently caught up with Gundtoft to find out more about how they made this stunning music video.

What impact did seeing the Aha video, Take On Me, have on your life? Looks like it was pretty meaningful/inspiring?

“The visual universe of Take On Me has always been deeply touching and inspiring to me. Not a single drawn frame was recycled, and the slightly glitchy animation-style, where you can really tell that each frame was hand drawn, is pure magic.

“The track is so good, the story is well composed, and the whole package has a certain kind of loveable naïvité but spiced up with true pathos. I just love it!”

Talk us through the creative process of making this video.

“I guess I was going for a happy-go-lucky feel, but with some substance.

“The main character is trying her best to run away from her true self, but in the end, she has to (literally) face her alter ego. Whether she is an irresponsible escapist or a brave individualist is up to the viewer.

“Once I had the idea for the video, the hard part became manifesting it into reality. The animation took over 2,000 individual drawings and since this is my first music video, I had to learn all the technical stuff from scratch.

“The day before the deadline, I only had all these fragments, and that it actually worked out to be a decent video was, if not a surprise, a relief.”

I Know A Place by Line Bøgh

How do you know Line Bøgh and what do you like about this music?

“Well, she’s my girlfriend and my boss, like some sitcom from the ‘80s or something, ha-ha.

“Her lyrics and music speak to a ‘hidden place’ inside of me, and her voice has a delightfully airy feel to it. I like how her songs keep feeling like little ‘adventures’ every time you listen to them, like a wonderland you want to keep coming back to. And often you can hear her smile.

“The single I Know A Place is from her newest album Like Fire, Like Fire. I highly recommend checking it out!”

Tell us about three other music acts we should discover.

“The Danish singer and composer ‘Oh Land’ is actually very interesting. Her tunes are complex and broad in scope, but with a high rate of dance-ability.

“Another Danish singer Agnes Obel took our country by storm a few years ago, and is interesting to follow as she develops.

“I also have to go with the now disbanded ‘Stereolab’, as they have done so much for my understanding of what music can be. Former front singer Laetitia Sadier has her own project these days.”

I Know A Place by Line Bøgh

To find out more about Line Bøgh and her music, head on over here. You can also see more of Christian Gundtoft’s work here.

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